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Providing solutions for big and small companies
Sales Team, Inc.

It’s no secret, the goal of any business, big or small, is to grow. From big corporate organizations to mid-size businesses to small operations, we offer solutions that fit your needs and save you money.

Corporate Growth

Large organizations looking for strategic growth in a particular region should look no further than Sales Team Inc. We can assign a single salesperson or multi-person team to a specific region to boost sales coverage. This concept allows your company to assess growth potential in a region before adding your own personnel to the area. You are assigned local, experienced salespeople, familiar with the area culture, giving your company a local feel to potential clients. Since the sales force is subcontracted, the time and cost for selling is predetermined with expert reports on sales growth.

Small Business Growth

Small businesses take on great risk when they need to hire new salespeople. Sales Team Inc. is your answer for reducing that hiring risk, while still increasing your sales opportunities. Our process allows for your small business to receive detailed reports on sales growth and increase sales opportunities without the risk of hiring a new employee who has no guarantee of success. Let Sales Team Inc. generate your sales growth and give you the most bang for your sales buck by utilizing our proven selling methods and staff of sales professionals.

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